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Cooling Equipments

Cooling Equipments systems offer the ability to reduce system operating costs by shutting off equipment not required.Power cost savings, maintenance savings and the potential to have backup equipment available are some of the benefits customers have realized with our control system packages.  GEM AIR COMPRESSOR (INDIA) PVT. LTD. has several options to control any type of compressed air system.

Compressed Air Accessories

Gem Air Compressor (india) Pvt Ltd. is the proud winner of the "Plant Engineering Product of the Year" air compressor master control system, which optimizes compressor operation to save energy and expense. It continuously monitors the compressed air demand with flow meters, and having been programmed with the capacity, efficiency and control characteristics of all compressors, it is the equivalent of having a full time supply side auditor and operator minimizing your plant's compressed air energy costs at all times.

Air Dryer

Refrigerated Air Dryer

Air Dryer

The basic theory of operation of the Refrigerated Air dryer is the deletion of moisture by cooling air to certain nearby temperature. There is no process known for producing cold, there is only heat removal. Heat is always attracted by the cold body. This is the basis for the function of a cooling unit. As long as the temperature of the cold body is lower than the hot source, there will be heat transfer.

The air entering the system enters into the pre-cooler. A pre-cooler is a heat exchanger where the incoming hot air is being cooled by the outgoing cold air so as to reduce the heat loads for the evaporator and thereby the refrigeration system. The air from the pre-cooler enters into the evaporator. In evaporator the cooling, heat removal is done by the steaming refrigerant. The air with condensate enters into moisture separator, where the moisture is removed by the centrifugal action of air. The air free from moisture enters the Pre-cooler to cool the incoming air and thereby some heat is added.

The refrigerant circuit consists of a Compressor, a Condenser, a Filter Dryer, an Expansion Valve or a Capillary Tube and an Evaporator.

Heatless Air Dryer

A compressed air dryer is a device for removing water vapor from compressed air. Compressed air dryers are commonly found in a wide range of industrial and commercial facilities.

The process of air compression concentrates atmospheric contaminants, including water vapor. This raises the dew point of the compressed air relative to free atmospheric air and leads to condensation within pipes as the compressed air cools downstream of the compressor.

    MIMI DISPLAY..... Indicates

  • Schematic diagram of dryer with sensor

  • Air Circuit

  • Refrigeration Circuit

  • Digital Display of Dew Point Indicator

  • Operating & Tripping Singnals

  • System ON/OFF Switch


    Fetures & Advantages

  • Compact & Innovative Design

  • Non-cyclic Operation

  • Constant Dew Point

  • Eco Friendly

  • Customized air/Water Cooled Models

  • Easy in installation & Operation

  • Low maintenance & Easy to Service

  • Load Handling Capacity and Easy to Service

  • Special Handling Capacity 0 to 100% without Freezing

  • Special Control for Constant Evaporating and Comdensing temperature

  • Specialized Range from 0.5 kg/Cm2 to 80kg/Cm2

Chiller,Cooling Tower


A chiller is a water-cooled air conditioning system that cools inside air, creating a more comfortable and productive environment. Chillers are also used in the manufacturing environment to provide "process" cooling to equipment in an effort to maximize productivity.

With large facilities, such as commercial buildings, hospitals, universities, government facilities and theme parks, the cost of energy to generate cooling in excess of 50 tons is cost prohibitive with air-cooled units. Water-cooled chillers produce higher tonnage at lower costs per ton, creating greater energy efficiency. A typical home has 3-5 tons of cooling capacity.

Cooling Tower

Industrial cooling towers can be used to remove heat from various sources such as machinery or heated process material. The primary use of large, industrial cooling towers is to remove the heat absorbed in the circulating cooling water systems used in power plants, petroleum refineries, petrochemical plants, natural gas processing plants, food processing plants, semi-conductor plants, and for other industrial facilities such as in condensers of distillation columns, for cooling liquid in crystallization, etc



A porous device for removing impurities or solid particles from a liquid or gas passed through it. There are various types of Filters available for different applications.

For Air Compressors, Pre-Filters, After Filters and Oil Filters are used to get oil and dust free air to applications.

    Compressed Air Filters

    GEM Air filter Cartidge production includes 3 filteration stages which are designed to remove particulers, water, oil vapor from compressed air.

  • The design of filter media ensures the effective and efficient removes of most of contaminates in compressed air system.

  • All materials are suitable for operation in the temperature range upto 1500c. They are Corrosion resistant and suitable for most of applications.

  • the filter and cartridge size is determined by the compressed air flow. They all are designed for operating pressure upto 16 bar & 45 bar.