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High Pressure Air Compressor

M/S GEM AIR COMPRESSOR (INDIA) PVT. LTD. supplies and services all types of High Pressure from the world's leading suppliers, including:

High pressure machine having three stage processes to compress the air as the application require more pressure to give better output.

These machines are having three to four numbers of cylinders with larger size of pistons. It can generate maximum pressure up to 1000 PSIG (70 KG/CM2)

We have range of 2 hp to 40hp different models to serve any pneumatics operation where it requires more pressure.

These machines mainly used in PET and Bottling Plants, Marine Industries, Beverages Industries and Plastic Process Plants.

Paper manufacturers, newspaper publishers, hospitals, laboratories, outpatient clinics, and many others depend on M/S GEM AIR COMPRESSOR (INDIA) PVT. LTD. for leading-edge vacuum products and services.

Booster Air Compressor

Booster Compressor

An air booster utilizes a small volume of air existing plant air and increase it to your high pressure requirement. Our Booster produce high air pressure with less horsepower, less initial cost and are smaller than stand alone compressors. Our air boosters are easier to install and increase your energy efficiency.

This machine is mainly used for PET and BOTTLING plant to save power and energy where customer need more volume of air with low hp.

Air Cooled Compressor

Air Cooled Compressor

Air Cooled Inter Cooling system is used to keep coldness in air which generates by one stage and transits to another stage. It will make with copper pipe to circulate from one stage to another stage having outer layer of FICH type design.

Due to this, the transits air gets cooling through atmospheric coldness. It will help to improve life of machine.


Water Cooled Compressor

Water Cooled Compressor

This cooling system runs with WATER supply from Chiller or Cooling Tower with some level of temperature. It is made of shell in which compressed air circulates and water circulates in outer layer from one stage to another stage.

Water Cooled Inter Cooling System is more preferable and beneficial than Air Cooled for compressor.