A chiller is a water-cooled air conditioning system that cools inside air, creating a more comfortable and productive environment. Chillers are also used in the manufacturing e

A porous device for removing impurities or solid particles from a liquid or gas passed through it. There are various types of Filters available for different applications.

For Air Compressors, Pre-Filters, After Filters and Oil Filters are used to get oil and dust free air to applications.

Compressed Air Filters

GEM Air filter Cartidge production includes 3 filteration stages which are designed to remove particulers, water, oil vapor from compressed air.

  • The design of filter media ensures the effective and efficient removes of most of contaminates in compressed air system.
  • All materials are suitable for operation in the temperature range upto 1500c. They are Corrosion resistant and suitable for most of applications.
  • the filter and cartridge size is determined by the compressed air flow. They all are designed for operating pressure upto 16 bar & 45 bar.

nvironment to provide “process” cooling to equipment in an effort to maximize productivity.

With large facilities, such as commercial buildings, hospitals, universities, government facilities and theme parks, the cost of energy to generate cooling in excess of 50 tons is cost prohibitive with air-cooled units. Water-cooled chillers produce higher tonnage at lower costs per ton, creating greater energy efficiency. A typical home has 3-5 tons of cooling capacity.